Lucky Fish

Sisterhood of the travelling pants

Dotted in 2 incredible parts of the world - the Suffolk countryside in the UK and New York City - we're a sister in law duo that have known each other for over 15 years and have been joined together through a shared love for a pair of trousers that look good on us - and everyone else we know. 

Our mission is to create garments that leave women feeling free, comfortable and confident (with a sprinkle of sass and sexiness). Our trousers are designed with adjustable straps which allows you to fasten them exactly where they feel comfortable. We know that when we feel comfortable we feel more confident, but it's the flattering design, bold colours and beautiful flow that will really give every woman the confidence they deserve when they slip on a pair of our trousers!


"As women we are constantly faced with complexes about how we look and this in turn affects how we feel. Our bodies are ever changing, but our clothes are not which means that our wardrobes become limited and we buy more and more clothes. Here at Lucky Fish Studio we are committed to creating great quality garments made and sourced with love and care, that have no size, no restrictions, no zips, buckles or belts (unless they're adjustable ofc!). Because nobody should feel less themselves when their clothes don't fit." 



founder & ​creative director

"The measure of what our lives and bodies should look like has become unrealistic & unattainable with the daily exposure to millions of people’s highlight reels and photoshopped ‘best lives’ to compare ours to. At LFS, we strive to provide a space where comparison can be tossed out and you can feel 100% authentically you, comfortable in your own skin and beautiful, no matter your dress size. Whether it’s rocking a pair of our wrap trousers or browsing one of our social platforms, we want you feel 100% confident in who you are, feeling more in love with the life and body you’re in right now!"


(new york)

social media assistant