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"Floaty, flirty and free flowing - just a few words to describe the way these satin wrap trousers feel. Designed with adjustable straps, elegant bold colours and high quality fabric, these trousers celebrate women and their diverse bodies, leaving you feeling confident and comfortable all day and night."

- British Vogue

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Created with beautiful, hand selected, Indian silk, our brand new silk accessories will suit any outfit, for any occasion. Coming soon...



Handmade in the land of smiles, Thailand, these heavyweight Thai silk trousers are just what you need while grooving on the dancefloor at Glastonbury or heading out to the beach in Greece!

"This was the first collection that I launched on Depop back in July 2018. When travelling through Cambodia and Thailand in the summer of 2017 I found a little stall, in one of the many markets my friends and I explored, selling the most beautiful silk wrap trousers. I instantly fell in love with them and bought an orange and blue pair. When I got back to uni in the UK I wore them to events, festivals and nights out - with girls constantly approaching me to ask where I bought them. I soon realised that I needed to return to Thailand, find the trousers and bring them back over to the UK so that others could experience wearing them - so that's what I did."


- Nicola (founder)

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